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Our Services.

Security Strategy and Transformation.

Proactively anticipate and address evolving security requirements and threats.

With the changing threat landscape and growing number of tools, techniques and services used to combat these threats, many organisations are either overspending or underspending without addressing the root cause and building the foundational capabilities required to effectively combat them. Our team can help you define a value-driven security strategy to transform the security function and meet the business requirements.

Our services include:

  • Security Capability Assessment
  • Development of Strategy and Vision
  • Establishment of Security as a Strategic Business Enabler
  • Development of Information Security Office
  • Development of Tactical and Strategic Initiative Roadmap
  • Policies and Standards Development

Enterprise Security Architecture.

Implement systems that are “Secure by Design”.

Organisations face pressure to respond to shifting compliance rules as well as threats to core business applications. Organisations are also struggling to identify their critical assets and location of business critical data. This exposes the organization to risks of data loss and disclosures. We can provide Security Architecture services that enable you to adapt and respond to security impacting changes to the business in an effective way, leveraging the current technology trends such as BYOD, Cloud, XaaS and Social Media.

Our services include:

  • Business Architecture alignment
  • Enterprise Application Security Architecture
  • Security Infrastructure Architecture
  • Interface Architecture
  • Defense in Depth Strategies
  • Security Test Strategy and Plan

Identity Access Management.

Provide secure, appropriate and timely access to the enterprise’s applications and data.

Other challenges faced by organisations today include Identity lifestyle management and the distribution of appropriate authorisation to the entire application landscape.Identity and Access Management solutions can help but they are complex and do not always seamlessly integrate with all the applications that exist today.We can help you define the Identity and Access Management strategy and address your pain points with regards to identity management, authentication and authorisation.

Our services include:

  • Identity and Access Management Strategy
  • Identity and Access Management Platform
  • Privileged Access Management Platform
  • Architecture and Design
  • Privileged User Access Review
  • End User and Service Authentication

Security Management.

Securely handle your data and meet compliance objectives.

Data privacy and protection are growing concerns for businesses, customers and employees in our digital world. Well publicised breaches and leaks as well as tightening regulations have placed these issues in the spotlight due to the high reputational and financial damage a breach can cause to an organisation. We can help define a proactive approach to safeguard organisations critical assets by developing foundational controls and helping comply with industry standards and frameworks.

Our services include:

  • Technology Risk Assessment and Management
  • Policy and Standards Development
  • Security Training and Awareness
  • Compliance Assessment and Remediation (PCI-DSS, ISM, HIPAA, VPDSS, NIST, APRA etc)
  • Privacy Assessment and Remediation
  • Security Audit and Assurance
  • Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning

Managed Security Operations.

Manage your risks by tapping into additional security and data privacy expertise as required.

Meeting the numerous challenges posed by cyber security can be difficult for organisations operating on a tight budget or resource restrictions. To help clients, we have developed a managed security service enabling you to access our pool of specialised resources in order to assist and support your in-house security and risk team, as well as completing highly specialised tasks when required.

Our Services include:

Specialised Security Capabilities.

Build capabilities to address niche areas and newer technology trends.

There is always a moving goalpost when in comes to Cyber Security. With innovative technologies come newer security threats and challenges. We are well equipped and prepared to mitigate security risks associated these emerging niche areas.

Our Services include:

  • ICS Security
  • IOT Security
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Assessment of Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Solidity and Go Source Code Review
  • Blockchain Application Protocol and Backbone Protocol Security

sec_assessmentsTechnical Security Assessments.

Highly experienced team with in-depth knowledge.

Building and maintaining a secure application is key to success of every organisation. Our team has expertise and skillsets required to assess your new or existing application, identify gaps and suggest remediations.

Our services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • API Penetration Testing
  • Source Code Review

TrainingSecurity Training and Awareness.

Learn how to protect and defend against cyber threats

We offer the following courses as part of our training programs :

  • Web Application Security Testing
  • API Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Securing Coding
  • Security Awareness
  • Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI-DSS)
  • Threat Modeling

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